Use of network analysis techniques and visualizations to describe the parent-subsidiary network

Analysis of the dataset provided. The dataset will describe the
parent-subsidiary network for a multinational company. Students are expected to use network analysis
techniques such as ucinet and netdraw (visualization and metrics) to discuss how the parent subsidiary-network affected the firm’s
innovation capability. By doing this students are expected to collect other information about the given
company, as well as to apply knowledge and theories developed in the course and use other relevant
academic articles.
Specifically you are expected to:
– Provide an overview of the internationalization strategy of the company (indicatively 500 words)
– Use network analysis techniques and visualizations to describe the parent-subsidiary network
(indicatively 1000 words)
– Discuss the potential implications of the organizational network structure on the innovation activity
of the firm (500 words)
– Suggest implications for further improvement of the innovative capacity of the firm, on the basis of
the analysis performed in the previous sections (500 words)

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