Scheme 1 research. To simulate a research experience, this experiment has been designed with concepts not taught in your undergraduate chemistry classes but with which you have the knowledge to fully understand. Whenever approaching a new concept, you will need to learn about it using primary literature. It is highly recommended that you start thinking about this experiment at the beginning of the semester. Your TA will guide you through the learning process, but it is up to you to decide if you are taking the right or wrong approach with a particular reaction. ???Меооме Scenario #1: Goals Primary literature consists of scientific papers and reviews. Textbooks, Wikipedia, and other sources are not considered a primary source. 46 One day, your supervisor asks you to synthesize 1.0 g of the compound shown in scheme 1 using known hypervalent iodine chemistry. She is aware that you are not familiar with this type of chemistry, and thus gives you a couple of days to carry out this experiment. As a good chemist, you want to learn about this type of reaction before determining your conditions You commence your literature search on hypervalent iodine and then design your experiment. For this experiment, you will need to find general conditions that achieve that reaction in less than 30 minutes using standard materials. Your protocol will need to be approved by your TA, and returned to you during the first week of Block 4. This will give to change your procedure if deemed necessary by the TA and lab instructor Two common reagents bearing that functionality that are commercially available Three examples of reactions and one Canadian professor working on this area. Again, this report will take you more time to write. It is highly recommended that you start your introduction before actual experiment, since you will need to design your own protocol

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