To complete this task, you will need to analyze the facts below, identify the issues presented, and research those issues drawing conclusions based on your research.
It is expected that your papers be well written and demonstrate critical thinking. Be sure to pay careful attention to spelling and grammar. Your paper should be 2-3 pages in length, single-spaced, and MUST include the following sections:
Facts: This section should be a summary of the facts from the case study that arepertinentto the scenario you are analyzing. You should essentially summarize and rewrite the facts for each of the scenarios, using your own words. Be sure to include all facts that will be necessary for a complete analysis for the particular scenario.
Issues: This section will identify the issue in the scenarios (there may be more than one for each of the required scenarios). Make sure to identify each of the issues in a question format. For example, “Should XYZ Company be bound by the contract made by its employee, John Smith, where Smith had apparent authority to make the contract?” This section should NOT contain facts or conclusions.
Rule(s): This section will state the legal rule under which you are making your decision. You will need to specifically detail the requirements of the law/legal concept. You will need to cite all references from which you are getting your law. This is a research project, so you need to be using references other than your textbook. This section should NOT contain facts or conclusions.
Application:This is the section where you analyze the facts of the case along with the rules that you researched. You must apply the pertinent facts to the requirements of the Rule(s) of Law you set forth. You may find that your facts differ from the facts of other cases (articles/references) you have read. You will need to compare and contrast the information you have found to determine which cases are more like yours. You should be applying the requirements/elements of the Rule of Law to the facts of the particular issue you have identified.
Conclusion: This section includes the conclusions you have drawn based on your analysis in the application section. i.e., this should be an answer to any question(s) you set forth in the Issue section.
Your case study needs to include the abovelabeledsections.
You MUST organize your paper by having three separate analyses, each including the above labeled sections (one for each of the required scenarios set forth below).Do not list all issues together, all rules together, etc., as doing so will result in a grade of zero, as it can be convoluted and confusing and will not provide me with the opportunity to assess your understanding of the separate sections.
When you organize your paper as instructed, your paper will appear as follows:
Facts Relative to Scenario 1
Issue I
Rule I
Application I
Conclusion I, then
Facts Relative to Scenario II
Issue II
Rule II
Application II
Conclusion II, etc.
Please use theProject Outline Sample, will be the other attachment,to organize your submission.Note: Failure to follow this exact outline (with headings) will result in an automatic zero for the project.
In researching your case study, you should use any external resource available to you including the library,onlineresources, etc. However, you must cite the sources you use for your information. If you fail to cite the sources, it is plagiarism, and you may receive a grade of zero. Please be reminded that we derive our laws from statutes/codes/regulations/cases, etc., therefore, citing to those references is most preferable.Note that you are expected to work independently on the case study – this is not a group project.
If you have any questions regarding this project, do not hesitate to contact me for clarification.
In order to receive full credit for this assessment, you must identify separate Issues for three scenarios. The issues you identify and discuss should relate to three of the following four scenarios:

  1. theEvans’canceling their contract
  2. the injury to The Jensen’s daughter (do not discuss a contractual issue here)
  3. the contract between Katie and Rip U Off, LLC
  4. the physical altercation (argument and push) between Jenna and Katie

Although there are a number of other identifiable issues within the fact pattern, these involve the most significant and easily identifiable Issues to assess. I do not want to see “Should the court hear argument….” anywhere within your issues – as that is not an appropriate question of law. Keep in mind, these Issues give rise to multiple concepts that we have covered throughout the course.
Case Study Facts
Jenna and Katie are best friends in their senior year of high school. Jenna is 18 and Katie is 17. They decide that they should operate a babysitting service for the summer in order to help pay their college tuition costs.
Jenna and Katie send outflyersto all the people in their neighborhood offering to have either Jenna or Katie babysit for $10/per hour for one child and $4/per hour for each additional child. Immediately, the Jensen family calls Jenna to set up service. Jenna draws up a contract to babysit at the Jensen’s house 1 time per week, for 4 hours per day for 2 children beginning June 1stand ending September 7th. Jenna and the Jensens then both sign the contract.
TheEvans familyalso see the advantages of the babysitting service and Jenna and theEvans’sign a similar contract for 3 times per week, for 3 hours per day for 3 children beginning June 1stand ending September 7th. Jenna and the Evans family then both sign the contract.
As the babysitting business is taking off, Katie realizes that they need a proper vehicle to transport the children they are babysitting and she decides to purchase a used mini-van from Rip U Off, LLC. On June 15thKatie gives Rip U Off, LLC a $1,000.00 cash deposit and signs a contract agreeing to pay another $2000.00 by paying $400.00 per month for 5 months on the 15thof each month beginning July 15th.
Jenna and Katie work really hard at their new business and soon acquire more and more customers. They set up a schedule which requires them to work long hours, but they are able to provide all of the babysitting services and overall the customers seem happy with their service. Unfortunately, the Evans’ lose their jobs in July and are no longer able to pay Jenna and Katie for their babysitting services, and tell them they no longer want their services. Jenna and Katie really rely on the income from the Evans’ contract, so Katie begins to freak out about the loss of income and decides she doesn’t want the mini-van anymore and tells Rip U Off that she won’t be paying them any more money.
By the end of August Jenna and Katie are exhausted from the long hours they have been working. On one such day, Jenna takes the Jensen’s children to the local park to play. While at the park Jenna receives a phone call and goes back to her car to talk quietly, leaving the children to play at the park. While playing, one of the children jumps off a play structure and breaks her leg while Jenna is in the car on the phone.
Katie is so mad when she finds out that Jenna was on the phone while babysitting and had left the children alone, and they get into an argument. While arguing, Katie gets so angry at Jenna that she pushes her, causing Jenna to fall backwards and hit her head.

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