Student Instructions – Assessment Task 1 The assessment task This task requires the Student to complete a written response knowledge assessment involving three (3) Case Studies. All questions are short answer, the student will need to perform independent research to gain all the required knowledge to answer the questions. The student must use APA 7th style referencing throughout the assessment where required. Each question is allocated approximately 50-100 words. The questions within this assessment relate directly to the integrated knowledge contained within the unit of competency and are fundamental to the Student’s ability to perform workplace tasks using evidence-based practice. The student must answer all thirty-three (33) questions correctly to satisfactorily complete this assessment. Please note this assessment is clustered with the unit HLTENN004 Implement, Monitor and Evaluate Nursing Care Plans, therefore this assessment’s grades will be allocated to both units of competency. Assessment procedure The student will be provided a briefing on the assessment and the opportunity to seek clarification on the conduct of the assessment. The student may seek clarification at any point in time during the assessment task. If the Student feels they need more time to complete the assessment, the student must negotiate the time needed with the assessor by following the assessments extension procedure. Following the assessment, the student’s responses are to be assessed and marked as appropriate. If the student has provided incorrect responses, the assessor will be engaged in a one on one discussion to moderate the students knowledge verbally or the student will be provided with a resubmission date. The assessor must have confidence that the student holds the required knowledge. The assessor will record their observations about the student’s demonstrated knowledge and must retain the completed written assessment as evidence of the completed assessment…

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