YOU HAVE TO TALK ABOUT TRENT UNIVERSITY This project involves examining current economic and community recovery projects in Peterborough and the Kawarthas. You will undertake studies involving specific projects undertaken by various organizations that illustrate the concepts and ideas of this course and provides examples of their application to ‘real-life’ management situations. 1. You need to review 2. Identify and describe your group’s specific strategic objective (1, 2, 3, or 4) (we choose objective 2 – to facilitate the transition toward sustainable economic development and innovation 3. Pick 3 organizations from Peterborough and Kawarthas that are supporting and contributing to your group’s specific objective. • These organizations can from be public, private or not-for-profit sectors. Ideally, you should pick only one organization from a specific sector; however, exceptions can be made to this rule. Kindly email me to discuss this if needed. (TRENT UNIVERSITY PETERBOROUGH ONTARIO) THIS IS ONE SECTOR 4. Research how your selected organizations are helping the region to achieve your group’s specific objective. You may use examples of other organizations from other regions to validate your argument. 5. Your purpose is to collect data about your organizations’ roles/performances during the current state and future challenges & opportunities for the economy in the City of Peterborough and the Townships within Peterborough County. Based on your research, provide suggestions to PKED in forms of strategies/actions Objective 2: “Leverage the Region’s Mix of Rural and Urban Assets and Business” Trent University • 1. Statement of Purpose and Scope (Executive Summary) 100 WORDS (1 paragraph) • What was your group’s strategic objective and why do you think it is the most important area of the PKED strategic plan? • What organizations to selected for data collection? What was your rationale to select these organizations? • What kind of data was collected and how? • What are the key recommendations? 2. Information about selected organization 0.5 pages • Description and profile of the organizations • Why are your selected organizations important to PKED: relevance for economic development planning • How are these organizations helping PKED to achieve your group’s specific strategic objective? 3. Data analysis 1.5 pages • Analysis of Core Issues/Themes • 2 main themes that emerged from your research • Summary of theme (1 paragraph) • Assess its relationship with Reconciliation and Call to Action 92 • Core aspects/characteristics (E.g.: foster spirit of entrepreneurship; jobs, housing) 4. Recommendations to PKED & Actions 1 pages • Based on your analysis of the findings of your research, present a series of recommended strategies and actions • Your recommendations must address issues of Reconciliation and Call to Action 92 of the Truth and Reconciliation Report You may choose these key areas to guide your research, recommendations and reporting: 1) The Peterborough & the Kawarthas Economic Development Plan 2020-2025 is centered on the following vision: “To be the most sustainable and innovative community and economy in Ontario”. What key assets and local strengths come to mind when you think of the County of Peterborough and City of Peterborough realizing this vision in relation to [your objective which is objective 2]? 2) What are the key areas of untapped economic potential in relation to [your objective which is objective 2]? How can we diversify, grow and sustain our economy to realize this vision? 3) What types of leadership are needed in the community in order to turn this vision into action in relation to [your objective which is objective 2]? 4) How can the Future Ready Plan best address issues of Reconciliation with Indigenous People in relation to [your objective which is objective 2]?

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