In 1966, Arketex Ceramic Corp. sold land in rural Indiana to Malcolm Aukerman. The deed described the southern boundary as the section line between sections 11 and 14 of the land. Farther south than this section line stood a dilapidated fence running east to west. Aukerman and Arketex both believed that this fence was the actual southern boundary of his new land, though in fact it lay on Arketex’s property. Aukerman installed a new electrified fence, cleared the land on “his” side of the new fence, and began to graze cattle there. In 1974, Harold Clark bought the land that bordered Aukerman’s fence, assuming that the fence was the correct boundary. In 1989, Clark had his land surveyed and discovered that the true property line lay north of the electric fence. Aukerman filed suit, seeking a court order that he had acquired the disputed land by adverse possession. The statutory period in Indiana is 20 years. Who wins and why?

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Corpus Christi Freight Transport, Inc. Quentin Hershey is a customer relations representative for Corpus Christi Freight Transport, Inc., a large shipping company headquartered in Corpus Christi, Texas, and with offices in Argentina and Sydney. He wants you to help him create a PowerPoint presentation to explain features of the company and the services it offers. Quentin wants to give the presentation to organizations that require shipping services to U.S. waterways and to foreign ports. Complete the following steps: 1. Create a new presentation using the Striped black border presentation template from (Hint: Use striped black border as the search term. If you get no results, type white as the search term, and then choose a template with a simple theme.) 2. Replace the title text on the title slide with Corpus Christi Freight Transport, Inc. and replace the subtitle text with your name. Save the presentation as Freight Transport to the drive and folder where you are storing your files. 3. Delete all the slides except the title slide. 4. Add a new Slide 2 with the Two Content layout. Type Who We Are as the title, and then type the following as a bulleted list in the left content placeholder: • International shipping company • Licensed by Federal Maritime Commission • Bonded as international freight transporter • Registered as cosmetic freight forwarder 5. On Slide 2, in the right content placeholder, insert the photo Freight, located in the PowerPoint1  Case4 folder included with your Data Files. Resize it, maintaining the aspect ratio, so it is 4.8 inches high, and then reposition it as needed so that the middle of the photo and the middle of the bulleted list text box are aligned. 6. Add a new Slide 3 with the Title and Content layout. Type Online Scheduling as the title, and then type the following as a bulleted list in the content placeholder: • Register at • Enter type and amount • Submit information • Receive confirmation within 24 hours 7. On Slide 3, remove the link formatting from the website address in the first bulleted item. 8. On Slide 3, convert the bulleted list to a SmartArt diagram with the Vertical Picture List layout, which is a List type of diagram. 9. Change the colors of the diagram to Colored Fill – Accent 3 by using the Change Colors button in the SmartArt Styles group on the SMARTART TOOLS DESIGN tab. 10. Insert the following pictures, located in the PowerPoint1  Case4 folder, in the picture placeholders in the SmartArt diagram, in order from top to bottom: URL, Cargo, Submit, and Woman. 11. Add a new Slide 4 with the Two Content layout. Type U.S. Office as the title. In the content placeholder on the left, type the following as an unnumbered list without extra space between the lines: Corpus Christi Freight 2405 Shoreline Road Corpus Christi, TX 78401 12. On Slide 4, add the phone number (361) 555-1254 and the website address as new items in the unnumbered list. Press the spacebar after typing the website address to format it as a link. 13. On Slide 4, add the photo Corpus Christi, located in the PowerPoint1  Case4 folder, to the content placeholder on the right. Resize it so it is 3.9 inches high, maintaining the aspect ratio, and then position it so the top edge aligns with the top edge of the text box on the left and there is approximately one inch of space between the right side of the photo and the right edge of the slide. 14. Compress all the photos in the presentation to 96 ppi, and then save the changes. 15. Add a new Slide 5 with the Comparison layout. Type How Are Containers Loaded? as the title, type First a container is selected in the small text placeholder on the left, and then type Then it is transported to the ship and loaded in the small text placeholder on the right. Move this slide so it becomes Slide 4. 16. On Slide 4 (“How Are Containers Loaded?”), insert the video Loading1, located in the PowerPoint1  Case4 folder, in the left content placeholder, and insert the video Loading2, located in the same folder, in the right content placeholder. (The video objects might be filled with black when they are inserted.) 17. Open the Info tab in Backstage view. Use the Compress Media command to compress the videos to the lowest quality possible. Use the Back button at the top of the ­navigation bar in Backstage view to return to Normal view. 18. Run the slide show in Slide Show view. When Slide 4 (“How Are Containers Loaded?”) appears, point to each video to make a Play button appear, and then click the Play button to play each video. Note that there is no sound in the videos. (Hint: Point to the video as it plays to display the play bar again.)

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