The relationship between Leadership Styles and Employee Commitment in Private Higher Education Institutions at Addis Ababa City

The relationship between Leadership Styles and Employee Commitment in Private Higher Education Institutions at Addis Ababa City

Advice on your summative assignment

There are three elements that you need to pay specific attention to and which are particularly important. These are:

  • Content
  • Structure
  • Presentation


  1. Content

Consider the type and quality of information provided by the student. Pay attention to the way in which literature issued in the assignment. Pay attention to whether the student shows evidence of independent and critical thinking. Evaluate whether the analysis and discussion is well articulated in the essay. To what extent are ideas expressed clearly? If you have difficulty following the arguments made by the student why this might be so?


  1. Structure

Consider the order of the sections that comprise the assignment. It is important that all parts are well connected and they contribute to the development of an overarching argument. Do they have a logical flow and order? Can you make an easy transition from the one paragraph to the next? Can you follow the overall thinking behind the assignment and the argument discussed by the student?


  1. Presentation

Consider how the student is referencing the use of other authors. Tables and figures needs to be clear and visible. You need to be able to read graphs and the table used. Are headings appropriately placed in the assignment? Are there grammatical errors?


The following questions offer you a useful framework on which to base your evaluation of the assignment



Does the introduction clearly mention a) what the essay is going to do, b) how is it going to do it, and c) why is it going to do it?


Main Body

Content: How are ideas discussed in the project? Are ideas well developed in terms of clarity, coherence and flow? Is there a clear argument running throughout the essay? Are the implications and strategy full developed?


Structure:   Is there logic and flow in the way sections are created in the research project? Is there coherence between the sections and the transitions made between the sections? Is there equal weight in the analysis and discussion over Parts A and B?


Presentation: Are references properly made in the project? Are tables and figures clear and well displayed? Is the font size the same? Is there space between the lines? Are figures and tables labelled?



Does the conclusion summarise the key argument developed in the essay? Does the student make reference to the essay’s limitations?


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