This assignment aims to investigate and share the why and social science researchmethods. You should essentially “teach” the rest of the class the basics about your way as you understand them. Here are some questions to guide your research and workshop presentations:


Your presentation will demonstrate your understanding of a given qualitative research method:

· The rationale for using a particularmethod (i.e., Why would you use this method? – What types of environmental questions can we answer by collecting data in this way?)

· How to do the data collection. (e.g. How do you prepare for and collect data with your method, whether that is archival research, surveys, focus groups, oral histories, participant observation, participatory action research, etc.)

· How to do the data analysis (e.g. What type of analysis is suitable for this type of data? Methods of analysis are sometimes described using terms like close reading, narrative analysis, discourses analysis, content analysis, etc.)

· Are there ethical concerns related to collecting and analyzing data in this way? Are there other challenges or limitations to the method?

· Next steps: how can this data be communicated clearly to desired audiences? (E.g., How and with whom are the results shared?)

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