Assignment Task

The assessment will take the form of a company appraisal. You can select an international organisation of your choice. This could be your current employer, previous employer, or an organisation of interest to you. The company must be an international business with accessible corporate site resources to fulfil the needs of the assignment. Prepare a company appraisal by conducting research on your chosen organisation including articulation of the company’s vision/mission, key environmental pressures, Industry, market and post Covid-19 challenges, corporate developments, performance, competitive behaviour. Company Appraisal Structure: Your Appraisal should be presented in line with the following structure.


a) Introduce your chosen organisation, by identifying the legal structure (public company, private company, voluntary, charity, public sector, etc.) In your introduction, provide an outline of the operations / purpose of your organisation, its main objectives, the company’s vision/mission, key environmental pressures, Industry, market and post Covid-19 challenges. Include your companies’ key stakeholders and evaluate their needs and influence and demonstrate how you would apply the stakeholder mapping in your organisational responsibilities.

b) In the second part you can explore the global impact of the internet of things, evolving collaboration, networking, ecommerce, eBusiness and social technologies on organisational structures, operations, decision-making and ways of working from your chosen organisation.

Discuss the role and impact of digitisation on the business structure, operations and strategies. (1200 words) (40 marks) (LOs: 1, 2Task 1 This Task requires you to research the organisation chosen and then undertake a business environment analysis using a range of models to explain the key components of micro and macroeconomics and macroeconomics theories and their impacts on organisational behaviour and the national economy.

Main tools used to analyse the internal and competitive environments include for the micro forces and its influences on your chosen organisation. Explain its macroeconomics influences currently affecting your chosen organisation, including the ‘economic problem’, supply and demand, market structures, circular flow of income, measures of macroeconomic activity, fiscal and monetary policies. (600 words) (20 marks)

(LOs: 3) Task 2 Task 2, research and review your chosen company and its performance and undertake the following:

a) Discuss the challenges posed to leadership by contemporary global business models in the context of modern theories and assessing the importance of control in effective organisational performance. Based on your company’s review, highlight in your answer the importance of strategic management and scanning in appraising real-world examples. Justify your answer and provide recommendations for improvement.

b) Investigate and analyse real world examples from your chosen organisation using relevant tools and demonstrating an understanding of how organisations, management and the business environment interrelate. In your answer you can include areas of responsible global citizen, global issues and their place in a globalised economy, ethical decision-making, and accountability.

Adopt self-awareness, openness, and sensitivity to diversity in culture (1200 words) (40 marks) (LOs: 4, 5

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