Team Project: Develop and Present a Strategic Plan (See Template)


At the start of the course, students will be assigned to teams and each team will select an organization to study and develop a strategic plan. Suggestions for the case will be provided by the instructor that teams can choose from or groups can select their own scenario to work on upon the instructor’s approval. To ensure consistency and quality, teams are required to utilize the attached strategic plan template (also available in Course Information) and complete each phase according to the assigned due dates. This template consists of four (4) major phases as follows:


  • Phase 1: Executive summary, current state, and internal assessment
  • Phase 2: External assessment
  • Phase 3: Goals and SMART objectives, SWOT analysis, strategy evaluation, and selection (including ethical justification/considerations)
  • Phase 4: Strategic implementation plan

The final strategic plan will be 20-25 pages (excluding cover page and reference page);APA writing conventions should be followed with a minimum of 15 sources referenced and cited. Each team will present its final project to the class. If the course is in an online format, teams will record and submit their narrated presentation. The presentation should be approximately 15 minutes in length (12-15 slides), covering the key sections of the project (see the template). Each team member will fill out an evaluation form to indicate the level of individual performance in the team. This evaluation will contribute to the “Teamwork” component of the associated rubric.

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