Part 3.2: Written Submission – Critical Reflective Activities (equivalent to approx. 1,500 words; 70%). Due 10 June 2022
Drawing on your learning and understanding from the all of the course and workshops, please complete FOUR critical reflection activities, that are listed below.
Compassion Critical Reflection 1 (approx. 250 words)
With reference to the neuroscience and key components of compassion, what barriers to self-compassion, and compassion with adolescents and co-workers have you experienced and what is your plan to overcome these?
Suicide and Self-harm Critical Reflection 2 (approx. 250 words)
With reference to the myths, stigma, barriers, and cultural safety issues surrounding suicide and self-harm related distress, what skills have you gained and what practice changes do you intend to make as a result of this new knowledge and understanding?
Leadership Critical Reflection 3 (approx. 500 words)
No matter what our work role or title within the health service, we are all leaders. For example, we are leaders in building our own resilience, we are leaders at the practice level as we care for adolescents and their family, we are leaders, along with our colleagues in providing best practice for adolescents, and we are leaders in mentoring others.

  • List 10 characteristics you consider the most important for an exemplary nurse leader
  • Choose five of these leadership characteristics that you know you do well and provide examples which demonstrate these characteristics in practice.
  • Choose three of these leadership characteristics that you feel you don’t do very well and reflect on strategies and resources you will use to develop and improve these skills

Choose ONE of the followingAdolescent’s Experience for Critical Reflection 4 (approx. 500 words)
Georgia’s Experience Critical Reflection
Use Georgia’s experience to consider this critical reflection. Georgia placed a lot of emphasis on her relationship with Aaron. Consider what might happen to Georgia’s mental health and sense of wellbeing if her relationship with Aaron ended.

  • Develop a personalised safety plan considering distress triggers such as the possibility of Georgia and Aaron’s relationship ending.
  • Include details on how you would involve Georgia in co-construction of this plan.

John’s Experience Critical Reflection
Considering the principles and strategies of adolescent friendly mental health care and transition to adult services, use John’s experience to consider this critical reflection.John is currently 17 years old, under a Guardianship of the Minister to 18 order and in the care of custodial staff with a referral and engaging with CAMHS.

  • Discuss discharge planning, referral pathways and transition of John’s care to adult services.
  • Discuss the strategies that can be implemented over these next months while still with CAMHS, until John is 18 years of age, to promote resilience in preparation for this transition.

Atif’s Experience Critical Reflection
Considering your leadership role in providing optimal mental health care, professional practice and integrity, use Atif’s experience to consider this critical reflection. Recall that Atif challenged his nurse (Anya) on a couple of occasions, demanding that she get him ‘some chips’ instead of his evening meal, and that she ‘make’ him turn off the TV in readiness for sleep. Anya remained present to Atif’s needs and used his behaviour as an opportunity to build trust and continue her assessment.
Consider a different scenario and your leadership and mentoring role as part of the healthcare team.Atif’s evening meal was bought in, and when he looked at the food on the plate he stated: I’m not going to eat this muck, get me some chips!” Later that evening while settling for the night [the nurse] asked Atif to turn the TV off and prepare to sleep. Atif yelled back at the nurse: “Make me!”You observe the nurse shouting back at Atif on both occasions. The first time he goes silent and does not eat his meal, throwing it onto the floor. On the second occasion the nurse physically pulls the TV remote from Atif’s hands and tells him he is such a naughty boy. He cries, hits back and screams.

  • Describe how the nurse might intervene in a trauma informed way, to de-escalate the situation.
  • Once everything is settled, describe the strategies the nurse could use to mentor this staff member.
  • State what else may need to happen from a legal, ethical stance to ensure ongoing mentoring, learning for the team and the organisation.

Academic writing (10%)

  • Academic Writing and Format Guidelines:
  • Use UniSA Harvard Referencing style for in-text references and Reference List
  • Writing must be 1.5 line spaced and font size Calibri 11
  • 1st and/or 3rd person writing and right-justified text
  • Download the Assignment Template from the Assessments Folder and work into the sections. Do not alter the Assignment Template
  • Review the marking rubric so you are clear about what is expected for this assignment
  • Adhere to all writing guidelines outlined in the marking rubric
  • Submit assignment via learnonline
  • Word count includes in-text citations in the Assignment BUT not the Reference List
  • All submissions will be checked via Turnitin for academic integrity.

Word length: This assessment is to be equivalent to 3,500 words with Part 3.2 is to be equivalent to 1,500 words
Submission process
Download and use the BPAMH Assessment 3.2_ Critical Reflective Activities Template
Use the following format for the file name, student name and ID.
Submit assignment via learnonline / gradebook

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