Subject is Corporate Entrepreneurship and Innovation ENT202Development Plan and Presentation: 1000 words excluding references, with APA style references atleast 7.Students are required to develop a plan for
the development of and long-term support of a
culture of innovation in the organisation from which
the case study is drawn (1000 words).
Students must create a strategy for the creation and long-term support of an innovation culture in your hypothetical organisation (1000 words). A 5-minute presentation will be needed of them to prepare and present. The students need to upload the slides after their presentation. While preparing the development plan and presentation, consider the following scenario: On a worldwide basis, there is currently more rivalry than ever before. Your hypothetical organisation must innovate in order to react rapidly to market demands in order to remain competitive. When it comes to innovation, many SME executives have many queries, such as: Why aren’t all businesses entrepreneurial? Why don’t all entrepreneurial ventures succeed? Why aren’t the success formulae the same in every company? What does “innovation culture” imply?
A case study has already been written which is attached herein. So this assessment would be the followup of the attached. Development and long term support requested to backed by figures and tables. Relevant Powerpoint slides to be made as part of the assignment.Please follow the marking rubric attached as well.

It is a 1000 words plan on the organisation uploaded in the attached file, as well as 5PPT slides

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