Search the website for the current health news event/topics on this news service for either of your assigned country or a country in the same region as one of your assigned countries. For example, if your assigned country is Haiti and Mexico and there is no current topic on these two countries, you can select one on US or Canada as they are in the same geographical region (North America) as your assigned country. Use the link below if needed to find regions of countries .

You can also find current health news on various countries on these websites,

Access the country profile here for current news on the country.

  • Summarize the news event,
  • State the core issue(s) in the news event in your summary, for example, chicken pox outbreak in what specific populations?
  • What are the effects and implications of the issues for the country (e.g., describe the capacity of the country’s health system to address the problem if the topic is about a health issue, deaths due to the issue, poor health outcomes, loss of work, etc. )
  • Discuss if the issue has global implications- For example, has it spread beyond to other countries, or are other countries at risk- If not, could the issue occur in other countries and how.
  • Include the link to the news event in your post

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