Question 4(A) State Bernoulli’s equation in term of the total head and give the physical interpretation of each term in the equation. Also state the conditions to which the equation may be applied for and conditions it may be inapplicable.(B) Water is being siphoned from a large tank through a pipe of diameter 30mm, discharge through a nozzle of diameter 20mm at a height 2.5m below the water level in the tank as shown in below.Temperature of the water is 20oC, density and vapour pressure of water are 1000 kg/m3 and 2.337 kN/m2 respectively. Assume frictional loss in the tubing is neglectable and atmospheric pressure is 101 kPa.(i) The discharge of the tube(ii) The absolute pressure at the crest of the tube if h = 1.8m(iii) The maximum crest height h above the water level

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