Question 2(A) Show the work done (W) by a gas in an adiabatic expansion process from (P1,V1) to (P2,V2) is given by??=(??1??1-??2??2)(??-1)(B) During a non-flow polytropic process, 0.185 m3 of air at 1.04 bar and 28°C is compressed until the pressure and temperature become 12.5 bar and 285°C respectively. The specific heat capacity at constant pressure and the specific heat capacity at constant volume are 1.005 kJ/kg.K and 0.715 kJ/kg.K respectively. If air is considered as a perfect gas, determine(i) the final volume of air after compression(ii) the value of the index of compression(iii) the work energy transfer(iv) the change in internal energy(v) the change in enthalpy(vi) the heat energy transfer.Sketch the pressure-volume diagram for the polytropic process.For Polytropic process ??????=??????????????????12= (??2??2-??1??1)??-1

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