SenseMi is a virtual dressing room application that has the most sophisticated mirrors for Fashions stores. It’s a revolutionary technology that would change the way people shop. SenseMi’s Virtual Fitting Room mirrors offer the smartest way to try on clothes. Fashion items and fabrics from various brands can be uploaded in the SenseMi Virtual Dressing Room Software and can be virtually tried on by the customers (they don’t have to physically try the clothes on, they can simply see it on the virtual mirror, and it’s as if they have it on). The long waiting lines outside fitting rooms would no longer exist in fashion stores with SenseMi Virtual Fitting Room app. The fabrics and products incurring damage with repeated trials is avoided and the products remain relatively new because no one is actually trying them on before purchase. Customers can use SenseMi to shortlist the products that they really need to try on and also try on products that may be unavailable or are out-of-stock at a particular store. SenseMi mirrors use full HD display. The mirror is enabled with 360 Degree base movement to adjust the mirror for every height. Finally, the mirror comes with social sharing tools (FB, insta, etc.) that increase customer engagement. Questions 1. Apply the full NPD process to SenseMi. Make sure you define the steps first then apply it to the case. (20 points) 2. What are the main types and subtypes of products? List and define those and then indicate which type of products SenseMi belongs to. Explain (15 points) 3. What are the three main pricing strategies you studied in class? List and define those. Which pricing strategy do you suggest for SenseMi? Explain (15 points) 4. In your opinion, in which Life cycle stage is SenseMi at? Justify your answer and indicate what happens at that particular stage in terms of customers, costs, profits, competitors, etc. (10 points)

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