Select a local biller from a pharmacy, dental clinic, extended care facility, or other health care organization that deals with both private pay and government insurance. Conduct an interview to review the process the biller/benefits coordinator uses to satisfy reimbursement requirements for billing purposes. Review the assignment questions below to assist in developing questions for the interview.

Write a paper (500-750 words) that describes the processes used in producing a final bill. Include your interview questions and responses with your paper. Answer the following questions in your discussion:

  1. Who did you interview? Where do they work? What is their role/title?
  2. What is the difference in reimbursement between paying with cash, third-party insurance, and Medicare or Medicaid?
  3. What role does charging and pricing for services have in different settings within the health care industry based upon type of insurance coverage a patient possesses?
  4. How do private and government insurers and payers impact actual reimbursement? How do they impact payment for services and methods of payment?

Include references to your textbook and two additional sources. Be sure to cite who you interviewed, but do not list it in the references.

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide

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