Scenario Attack Response Impact Lessons Preventative Control Learned Measures Allstate Malls is a retail shopping mall. Which Highlight What is the What In the future and supporting hundreds of stores across Canada. technical attack vector what response potential impact to are the key to ensure this does not Allstate Malls has a central IT Team that takes was used? Allstate Malls the company? lessons for happen again, what can care of maintenance of various systems used should take? Allstate Malls? the Allstate Malls do to by the Malls, such as surveillance cameras and Indicate which of avoid this from occurring? Point-of-Sale (POS) systems that process Allstate Mall's customer's credit card information, stakeholders A recent security scan of the environment should be revealed that there were some unknown involved in the accounts in the company's domain controller. response Upon further investigation, it was discovered procedures. that an IT support analyst and clicked on a link from a website offering free cruises. Days after this was discovered, an alarming window popped up on all of Allstate Mall's systems indicating that files were encrypted, the encryption key was buried, and a ransom must be paid to a bitcoin wallet to release the files. This all occurred 1 week before Allstate Malls quarterly earnings call – the timing could not be any worse! Marking Criteria Possible Points: 5 Possible Points: Possible Points: 10 Possible Points: Possible Points: 10 5 5 Use this a guide to structure your responses Indicate the attack Research what the Research the tools and using concepts from lecture and labs used by the hacker, Use industry impacts of cyber Highlight the processes available to throughout the course. Pay attention to and how technically terminology and attacks are to retail notable prevent this from presentation and industry terms/frameworks they were able to get frameworks to industry. Outline findings, and happening again Into the environment. outline the any regulations key take-aways Reference industry Outline the technical steps that and/or privacy from this breaches in Retail and implications of having Allstate Malls concerns related to scenario Investigate what they did files be encrypted. needs to take to cybersecurity within to close the gaps. rectify the issue. this industry

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