Provide answers to all of the questions below:

1. Describe the concept of a stakeholder in a project and give three examples of project stakeholders.

2. Review the following scenario and then complete the table. A company decides to contract a website developer to build a new website. A number of suppliers will be approached for quotes. The company has no previous website as it is a new business. The company consists of a Board of Directors, a CEO and five other staff. Stakeholder Interests and expectations Board Customers Suppliers Management

3. Complete the table by describing the following levels of stakeholder engagement and for each level describe at least two methods of engaging stakeholders. Inform Consult Involve Empower

4. Describe three stakeholder engagement approaches.

5. Explain the concept of the salience model and its relationship to stakeholder engagement and analysis.

6. Explain the concept of the power/interest grid and its relationship to stakeholder engagement and analysis.

7. Explain how to review performance of project team members throughout the lifecycle of a project.

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