Reflection on Educational Planning

Pause to Reflect: Educational Planning

At this point in time, we are close to the middle of the term. You’ve been thinking about happiness and the good life in historical context. But another dimension of this work is to deepen your understanding of your own ideas, feelings, and assumptions about the good life.

How have any of the readings, writings, or postings of your colleagues helped you to think about your own educational plans? Have there been any clues to new directions, new questions, or options that have emerged for you to date? That is, have you noticed any connections between this exploration of happiness in American history and your own assumptions about your education and the degree you are pursuing?

You are not expected to bare your soul. (There is an important distinction between what you want to keep private and what your want to share.) In about 150 words, please describe your current thinking about any connections you have thus far found between this study and your overall educational planning process.

Completing this short writing assignment by the middle of Week 6 will allow others to read and comment on what you have offered.

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