Part 3.2.1: Self- Assessment: Development of teamwork skills
Reflect on your experience of working with the other group members to prepare your presentation.
Focus on answering these questions in your own words:
• How did you prepare/contribute to the team presentation?
• What did you learn about yourself being a member of the team? Briefly discuss how your
communication, leadership, and collaboration skills were developed in the team. Provide concrete
Part 3.2.2: Self-Assessment: Leadership Style
Reflect on the leadership lessons you have learned from our PUBH6004 class about your personal
leadership style or the kind of leader you want to be.
• Apply principles covered in class discussions and readings toward the development of your
personal leadership style.
• Utilise the results from leadership and/or personality assessments to support your reflection.
Please choose one from the options below:
o How ready are you to assume a leadership role?
o Northouse Leadership Skills Inventory
o Implicit Association Test
o Gallup Strengths
o Bolman Deal Wizard Inventory

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