Read the following requirements of a database that keeps track of automobile sales in a car dealership.• A car is identified by a unique serial number, and has model, manufacturer and price.• An Option refers to some optional equipment installed on automobile. A car can have more than one option.• Option is identified by option_name and price)• A SalePerson is identified by a unique SalesPersonID, and name and phone.• A SalesPerson sales one or more cars. The database also tracks sale date and sale_price.i. Please create relations (tables) for the database car dealership (define the primary and foreign key constraints)ii. Populate the tables that you have created with the appropriate data.iii. List the model of the cars sold last month.iv. Retrieve the number of cars sold by Johnv. What is the average price of Toyota modelvi. List the option installed for BMWvii. Retrieve the name of Salesperson who sold more cars.viii. List SalesPersons whose phone start in 0918..ix. List the number of cars sold from April 2015 to May 2015x. Retrieve the manufacturer of the car that sets the highest sale_price.xi. Increase the price of the care by 10%.

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