You are required to provide an analysis of an organisation’s operations management across several key areas outlined in Table 1. You are to choose one organisation from the following sectors, with examples provided. You are not required to use one of these specific example organisations, and it is encouraged you do preliminary research before choosing what organisation you will focus on. List of Industries with Example Organisations 1. Manufacturing (e.g. aircraft manufacturers such as Boeing, electronics manufacturers such as Mitsubishi) 2. Fashion (e.g. high-end organisations such as Louis Vuitton and Hugo Boss, or more general ones such as Zara) 3. Food and Beverages (e.g. food/beverage manufacturers such as Coopers Brewery, Coca Cola or restaurant outlets such as fast food or chain restaurants) 4. Logistics and Transportation (e.g. third-party logistics providers such as Toll, Mainfreight or airlines such as Qantas)

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