Task Summary In this Assessment, you will further analyse the case study that was introduced in Assessment 1 and 2. With an understanding of the leadership styles that seem appropriate for the environment and circumstances, you will now work in groups to develop a 1000 words per student report on Project Human Resource Plan. This assessment will give you the opportunity to participate in the formal project management practice of developing a plan for managing the work of the diverse individuals that will contribute to a specific project and to practice professional communication within a team environment. Please refer to the Task Instructions for details on how to complete this task. Context Human Resource Management it is the process required to make the most effective use of the people involved with the project. It consists of organisation planning, staff acquisition, team management and development. As part of such, specific strategies are built around defining roles, responsibilities and reporting structures within the project organisation structure and the projectteam based on the needs of the project; Designing the team and their required skills and competencies for their recruitment; development and management of the team focused on achieving a high performing team through tracking performance, approaching motivation, solving issues, and coordinating changes to enhance project performance. Task Instructions: To complete this assessment task, you must: 1. Ensure that you have read the given case study and resources from the subject, as well as any additional research you may find relevant and that will add value to your report. Review your subject notes, including the Lecture slides and any other information provided by the Learning Facilitator in support of this assessment. 2. From groups of 3-4 students. Groups will be assigned by the Learning Facilitator in consultation with the students. The group size has been proposed to ensure diversity, interaction and opportunity for students to grow and lead teams. Note: Only in exceptional situation a different group size may be approved by the Learning Facilitator. 3. In addition to practicing relevant planning activities, students will also practice the skills required to work effectively as part of a group. To achieve this, it is highly recommended that students work together to build a Team charter and/or RACI matrix for their team work. Each group will need to negotiate roles and responsibilities in order to successfully meet deliverable requirements, which will be accessed via the Team Participation Score Matrix submitted individually by each teammate. Please follow instructions for submission below. 4. Create an HRM plan report for the given case study. The report should encompass two components in addressing the following requirements: • Part 1: Team Building component You and your team will initially focus on elements that address team building, including planning for the team organisational structure, selection criteria and recruitment of team members, roles and responsibilities, and efforts/strategies to bring the individuals together as a cohesive team. a) A draft organisational chart for the project team b) A staffing/recruitment plan c) A team building plan. • Part 2: Team Management component You and your team will then address the elements of team management, considering stages and approaches for of team development, plans for managing communication considering the team and engagement of other stakeholders, assessment of work/performance, and improvement of team members and team unity. a) A staff management plan b) A communications plan c) An assessment plan d) An improvement plan

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