Program Evaluation

Instructions: You must include the question with your answer. In other words, type or copy/paste the question, then answer it. Please cite appropriately using APA. Although the questions are topic/chapter specific to our textbook, you should include material from other parts of the textbook. The majority of information must come from our text. However, you can use ancillary sources to support the information you include from the text. If you use ancillary sources, be sure to cite them. A minimum of two full pages for the question answered (this should not include the question). It would be difficult to fully answer any of these questions in fewer pages.
You have been asked by Homes Against Homelessness, a nonprofit organization that operates programs assisting people without homes, to conduct an evaluation for presentation to philanthropists who have donated to—or might donate to—the nonprofit. Being an expert in the program evaluation field, you suggest to the nonprofit that a logic model could provide a demonstration of what the nonprofit does and how it impacts the community. Explain to the nonprofit the steps taken to create a logic model. Include an explanation of how each step of logic model provides insight and purpose for each part of the organization. Create a possible logic model for the organization based on activities such as providing shelter, food, clothing, job training, and childcare to those without homes.

Required Text
Handbook of Practical Program Evaluation, Joseph S. Wholey, Harry p. Hatry, and Kathryn E. Newcomer, Jossey-Bass, an Imprint of John Wiley & Sons, Inc. Latest Edition

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