Jansen Company�s general ledger showed a checking account balance of $24,920 at the end of May 2013. The May 31 cash receipts of $2,450, included in the general ledger balance, were placed in the night depository at the bank on May 31 and were processed by the bank on June 1. The bank statement dated May 31, 2013, showed bank service charges of $49. All checks written by the company had been processed by the bank by May 31 and were listed on the bank statement except for checks totaling $2,000.


Prepare a bank reconciliation as of May 31, 2013. [Hint: You will need to compute the balance that would appear on the bank statement.]

Three particles move along the x-axis, each starting withv0x = 10 m/s at t0= 0 s. The graph for A is a position-versus-time graph; the graphfor B is a velocity-versus-time graph; the graph for C is anacceleration-versus-time graph. Find each particle's velocity att = 5.0 s. Work with thegeometry of the graphs, not with kinematic equations.

particle A 1 ____ m/s
particle B 2 ____ m/s
particle C 3 ____ m/s


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