opportunities and challenges in implementing university strategic Plan

Complete each part.

Part I: Mission and Vision Statements
Create a comprehensive Strategic Plan for your ideal university. Utilize your research on mission and vision statements from the attachment to create institutional goals, objectives, and strategies related to persistence, retention, and graduation.

Part II: The Five Goals and Their Objectives
Utilize the assignments you have completed throughout this course to create objectives for persistence, retention, and graduation in over-arching goal areas. Each assignment in the course has supported one or more of the following goal areas.

Student Enrollment, Recruitment & Marketing
Student Engagement
Student Support Services
Inter-departmental Collaboration
For the final course project, provide a minimum of three strategic and research driven objectives for each of the five goal areas as they relate to persistence, retention, and graduation. All objectives should be supported by at least two strategies explaining how the objectives will be achieved. Give specific details, including departments and/or individuals involved, initiation of programs and/or policies to achieve objectives and goals, while keeping student persistence, retention, and graduation as the focus throughout.

Focus your attention on how each of the items in your strategic plan directly impacts the overall retention of students at your institution. Include all campus partners who will be involved in order for your goals to be accomplished. The final document should contain examples and initiatives described in prior submittals, but can also be expanded to include other associated programs necessary to successfully complete a comprehensive strategic plan.

Part III: Conclusion
Conclude with potential opportunities and challenges in implementing your Strategic Plan. How do you plan to capitalize on those opportunities and overcome the challenges to see the plan successfully through to the end?

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