As we’ve discussed from the beginning of the semester, negotiators must be able to adapt because myriad factors (e.g., context, issue(s), parties, relationships, time, leverage) can impact negotiations. Thus, while negotiators are encouraged to be well-prepared, they must also recognize that it is unlikely that the negotiation will go exactly as planned. In order to earn the points that were lost for missing one exercise this semester, you will be tasked with researching negotiation adaptation. Then, drawing from the course information and your external sources, you will suggest three strategies that can be used by a negotiator to change or adapt in a negotiation in order to be more successful and/or salvage a negotiation. Be sure to note why these tactics can be effective as well as potential limitations associated with each. As a deliverable, you should address the points above in a three page, double-spaced paper with 1” borders and using 12 pt, Times New Roman font. You must have a minimum of four sources – one of which can be (but is not required to be) from the assigned course material. Be sure to cite your sources and include your references according to APA formatting guidelines. The references should appear on a separate page and do not count toward the three page requirement.

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