Most business organizations require their employees to collaborate as a team to achieve a business outcome. Health care organizations also rely on teams to reach their outcomes.

Imagine your next job in a health care organization, whether you work in a health care organization now or aspire to work in health care as a result of your program coursework.

Due Thursday:

Post a substantive response that addresses each of the following components (minimum 175 words):

  • What’s the job you imagined? Briefly describe the job and include the title, a few of the duties you’ll expect to perform, and the type of health care organization you see yourself working in next (e.g., hospital, pharmaceutical or medical equipment sales, manufacturing, etc.).
  • Which people’s roles/job titles you would depend on to accomplish your job?
  • Which people’s roles/job titles would depend on you to accomplish their jobs?
  • How do you feel about this interdependence? Why is teamwork important in the health care industry?
  • Which strategies do you use for effective team communication and collaboration?

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