Modify the program you developed in Exercise 18.12 so that it can simulate the dealer. The dealer’s five-card hand is dealt “face down” so the player cannot see it. The program should then evaluate the dealer’s hand, and, based on the quality of the hand, the dealer should draw one, two or three more cards to replace the corresponding number of unneeded cards in the original hand. The program should then reevaluate the dealer’s hand.


Use the functions from Exercise 18.11 to write a program that deals two five-card poker hands, evaluates each hand and determines which is the better hand.


Modify the program you developed in Exercise 18.10 so that it deals a five-card poker hand. Then write functions to accomplish each of the following: a) Determine whether the hand contains a pair. b) Determine whether the hand contains two pairs. c) Determine whether the hand contains three of a kind (e.g., three jacks). d) Determine whether the hand contains four of a kind (e.g., four aces). e) Determine whether the hand contains a flush (i.e., all five cards of the same suit). f) Determine whether the hand contains a straight (i.e., five cards of consecutive face values)


Class DeckOfCards should contain: a) A vector of Cards named deck to store the Cards. b) An integer currentCard representing the next card to deal. c) A default constructor that initializes the Cards in the deck. The constructor should use vector function push_back to add each Card to the end of the vector after the Card is created and initialized. This should be done for each of the 52 Cards in the deck. d) A shuffle function that shuffles the Cards in the deck. The shuffle algorithm should iterate through the vector of Cards. For each Card, randomly select another Card in the deck and swap the two Cards. e) A dealCard function that returns the next Card object from the deck. f) A moreCards function that returns a bool value indicating whether there are more Cards to deal.

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