Management Information System, Database

This week we will be looking at Database and Data Warehouse Management The attached videos will give you an overview of a Database + Data Warehouse Plan. After this review you will communicate your understanding of how they work and are used in business.

Using McDonald’s as an example, the research for the Database and Date Warehouse Management would include how McDonald’s is collecting data, and how they are using that data to make business decisions that increase sales and make the consumer feel “special”. McDonald’s is working with AI to make decisions for the consumer, you can read more about this here:


  • How is data for your industry/business being collected?
  • Explain the protocols that have been adopted to manage data by the industry/business you choose for the final project.
  • What information is being made available and to whom? (For the final project recommendation section, you will consider what additional data would the company want to collect and make available and why).
  • How can the data or how is the data being used to inform business decisions?
  • What data retention plan is followed and how is the information currently stored?


  • Complete a 500-word paper, using APA formatting

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