Lyric is experiencing workplace relationship issues. Two work teams are having issues for very different reasons.
Team 1
The administrative team has started to underperform. One worker is being left out of task discussions, and as a consequence, is not being given work. The other team members do not talk to this worker or give them team support. They often talk about this worker without just cause because this person comes from a different cultural background. The worker feels that the team is trying to push them out of their job role.
Team 2
The manufacturing team works on a 24-hour basis. The day shift works well, but the night shift does not always complete the right jobs or finish urgent tasks that are left from the day shift. The day shift has a manager who works effectively to coordinate work. At the end of the day, the manager leaves handover notes for the night shift team. However, there is no manager at night. As a result, the team does not work cohesively nor does it refer to the handover notes. They tend to simply pick up where they think things were left off or they just start new jobs.
For these following tasks refer to Case Study – Addressing workplace relationship issues – and answer questions about the two workplace issues described and how you could address each issue, including any relevant processes that you think necessary. Download and complete this Workplace relationship issues template:Workplace relationship issues Download Workplace relationship issues

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Lyric is a wholesale and retail clothing business which was born from the passion of two High School friends called Mary and Rachel. The business idea was already doing great within their circle of family and friends, so they decided to start an online enterprise selling their garments.    “Our mission is to deliver a quality product with exceptional price-value and superior customer service.” Also, Mary and Rachel agreed on the core values of Lyric as follows: Sell the highest quality products available. Satisfy, delight, and nourish our customers. Support team member excellence and happiness. Create wealth through profits and growth. Serve and support our local and global communities. Lyric has grown and now has a staff of 35 people as well as three retail shopfronts and a warehouse.   Its Human Resources department is establishing various work processes.  Among them are processes for workplace collaboration between employees and managers. They know how important it is to facilitate employees’ contributions and to having managers and staff work together to create processes that will achieve desired outcomes and at the same time, foster healthy working relationships.  It’s part of Lyric’s core values – “team member excellence and happiness.” The Human Resources department’s roles include: maintaining employee records and payroll performing other administrative tasks as part of its role in staff resourcing acknowledging that direct work with personnel requires collaboration with managers in employee conflict management as well as in disciplinary procedures with employees acknowledging that managers must participate in performance management acknowledging manager roles in assisting with organising and facilitating training and professional development managing rehabilitation and return-to-work programs in direct liaison with staff, management and any relevant health professionals running a well-being program for all staff to access including health advice,…

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