Ludic took the opportunity to solve the problem of increasing the number of child obesity and diabetes in Saudi Arabia. By providing consultation and fitness services that controls and prevent the two types of diabetes. Ludic targets diabetic children and prone to diabetes due to obesity, aged from 6-12 years old. Ludic is a health club provide diabetes services. In addition to four exercises classes including cycling, free activity, cardio and dancing, that are safe and suitable for children condition. The progress of subscribers and health conditions will be followed up by the certified diabetic intellectual. It will be in Eastern Riyadh, as it is densely populated which will provide an opportunity to reach a wide range of targeted customers. The building of 675m2 will be rented with two floors. As a result of the chosen location, market share assumed to be 4% which reflects 304 expected customers. The main engine of the business will be certified trainers, certified diabetic intellectual and nurse to ensure professionalism. Ludic will be managed by a hired manager and receptionists. The design will be carried by an interior designer, to reflect customer preferences and ensure safety. Furthermore, for Ludic to operate effectively, it needs both tangible and intangible resources. Tangible such as offices and staff. Whereas, the intangible are software systems. The legal requirements include governmental approvals, licenses, and the formation of registration and release contracts by an attorney, are estimated to be completed within three months.

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