Background: Island Palms General Hospital (IPGH) is in the process of joining BeachNet—a health information exchange (HIE) organization in the community. IPGH will need to incorporate new policies and procedures for governing health information that will be exchanged with BeachNet. Instructions: You work at IPGH and have been asked to chair the Information Governance Steering Committee. Using correct grammar and complete sentences, please respond to the following: 1. Identify the characteristics of health information exchange organizations. 2. Explore the relationship of information governance (IG) to HIE organizations. What concerns do you have regarding information sharing? 3. Which organizational stakeholders would you recommend be on the IG team/council? 4. You are revising your department’s strategic plan to include IG and HIE organizations. What goals would you include for those strategies? 5. Defend the position that information is an organizational strategic asset. 6. Explain the importance of having an information governance plan in place to manage an organization’s information assets.

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