Step 1: Gather data online about the country in the following areas –

  • Geography
  • Culture
  • Institutions

Step 2: Score the countries based on the three factors. Give points (3, 2, or 1) for each factor. “3” is high; “1” is low.


  • How far from the equator? (the further the better)
  • Are there insects that attack agriculture in a big way (tsetse fly, locusts, …)?
  • How good is the access to water transportation?
    • On the coast? … or land-locked?
    • How many navigable rivers?
  • Are there lots of natural minerals (including oil)?
  • Climate
    • Do winter temperatures go below 61 Fahrenheit?
    • How many inches of rainfall per year (more is better)?
    • Is the rainfall spread across all seasons (more spread is better)?


  • Is religion important to people – what percentage of the people are believers?
  • Is the primary religion in the country fatalistic or progressive (focused on betterment)?
  • What percentage of women are educated?
  • Is society dominated by tribes, clans, or racial divides?
  • Is there a general openness to new technology?
  • Other factors?


  • How many major universities per capita (for every citizen)?
  • How many banks or finance institutions per capita
  • The percent of the population with access to electricity
  • The percent of the population with access to basic phone services
  • The percent of the population with access to internet
  • Level of corruption according to Transparency International

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