MGT 564. International Law and Organizations


Assignment 2


This assignment covers chapter 6-9 of the textbook. The answer to each question should be at least two pages long, single spaced. Total length of this assignment is about 6-8 pages. Please make sure that you cover key points in addressing each question. (Each 10 points, total 30 points)


1. What are the differences in immunity for ambassadors and their embassies and consuls and their consulates? Explain the rationale and implications of the differences. (Chapter 6)



2. Of the three categories of weapons falling under the rubric of WMD, which has the most effective control regime and why? (Chapter 7)



3. Does ethnic cleansing spill over into genocide, or should the two be treated as separate phenomena and crimes? Illustrate your response with actual examples. (Chapter 9)

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