(International entities and commercial banks perspectives on SAMA and BCL 1966

The discussions focus on the background of these requirements as standards for all development country a member of the International monetary fund. No specific reasons to ask SAMA to change the Banking control law, but they report the needed to develop the environment of the regulation for the central bank in Saudi Arabia. It was very difficult to answer the questions to what extent SAMA should be dependent or not? However, there are more than aspects should be on the law to allow SAMA practising their authorities without interference from outside. Perhaps the SAMA working very well in banking sector in Saudi Arabia and they keep them away of the risk and financial crisis, but SAMA doesn’t deal well with some issues such as foreign investment and corporate governance. These lacks on SAMA regulations impact on the investment environment, because the Saudi government contributes on the banking market and they own shares on most of the Saudi Banks. Therefore, SAMA doesn’t protect the banks from this conflict of interests when the government sharing on decision making on the banking sector and a regulator at the same time. The main issues raised on these interviews were the conflict of interest, the market monopoly, and the issue of lost opportunities on the banking market on Saudi Arabia.
– The conflict of interests on banking sector of Saudi Arabia
Under this title should be addressed what’s that mean on banking sector and how this effect on the market, and what’s the risk on the future. Then will discuss the issue on Saudi Arabia , as mansion above the government their own shares on most some commercial banks and at the same time it is a regulator by controlling SAMA as a central bank when practising their authorities via Banking Control Law 1966. In addition it will be more clear if compare this issue with some countries such as the Bank of England, and Canada or the United States of America. It will be worth for the research if use some theory related to this issue. In addition, it will be important to connect this issue with chapter 1 and 2, and show how this development on banking control law will avoid this conflict to be fair for all banks and foreign investment in Saudi Arabia.

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