Intercultural Communication – Mexico

Assignment Objective:
To gain a clearer understanding of how communication works throughout the world, focusing on one particular culture; including the main aspects of what makes up a culture, gender roles, and co-cultures.

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Magogwe et al. (2014) suggests the development of information technology in the 21st century has seen an increase in communicating through social networking to complete group work.

They suggest there are many benefits to communicating via social media platform, which include increased amounts of communication and the improved ability to share resources and ideas. As a group….

Pack Your Bags: We Are Going Global! – If you were to negotiate/bargain with colleagues from one of the cultural groups presented in the article, what practical points should you be sure to put into practice?

Interpersonal communication has a direct effect on communications in general, and also at the negotiating table. That communication becomes even more important when negotiations include colleagues from different cultures. Cultural….

How do they approach customer service? Do you think it works? 300 words minimum

Zappos has a reputation for being customer-centered, meaning it embraces the notion that customers come first. One of the ways that it allows employees to communicate with customers is through….