In this chapter we focused on how genes that control the development, structure, and function of the nervous system and interactions with environmental factors produce behavior. At the same time, we found many opportunities to consider the methods and reasoning by which much of this information was acquired. From the explanations given in the chapter, what answers would you propose to the following fundamental questions:

(a) How do studies of alcohol preference in strains of mice indicate that this behavior has a genetic basis?

(b) What experimental evidence is available to show that maze behavior in rats is a selectable trait?

(c) How does the work on geotaxis in Drosophila unify the behavior- first and the gene-first approaches to the study of behavior?

(d) What genetic evidence shows that certain behaviors in Drosophila are controlled by specific brain regions?

(e) How do we know that defects in the structure of the nervous system are associated with schizophrenia?

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