1 In relation to a tourism development activity in your area, identify the main types of socio-cultural impact. What characteristics do they exhibit? Arrange these impacts under the headings of positive and negative. Look again at the lists you have prepared and con- sider whether someone else asked to carry out this task would put the impacts under the same headings. 2 Consider an aspect of your culture that could be packaged and commoditized for tourist consumption. What would be the likely reaction of tourists? What would be the likely impacts of this commoditization on the aspect of culture you have selected? 3 Under what conditions would Doxey's theory apply? Can you think of any locations in your region/country where Doxey's theory is applicable? 4 What would you suggest are the main reasons for the responses obtained in the survey conducted on the Greek island of Samos? How well do these findings relate to Doxey's theory? 5 Getz's findings from his research in the Spey Valley, Scotland were not closely related to Doxey's theory? What reasons would you give for this? 6 Why has sex tourism become so important in society in countries such as the Philippines and Thailand? What factors make it difficult to stop sex tourism being a prominent tourism activity in many developing countries? 7. Hold a class/group debate in which the main proposition is as follows: 'As a female citizen of Thailand, I believe it is better to be involved in prostitution than trapped in poverty.'

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