Reflection – Assignment Two Assessment 2 – Reflection Assignment

  • Weightage: 30%
  • Nature of assignment: Essay-type
  • Word limit: 1000 – 1200 words
  • Format: Arial Font, Size 11; double spacing
  • Referencing: APA style; use at least 6 reliable sources
  • How to submit: via LearnJCU Assessment 2 Dropbox
  • Marking rubrics will be used to assess this assignment


  • In addressing this topic, you have to make reference to conceptual theory/framework taught in Lectures 1 & 3 and where appropriate make reference to other topics in this subject.
  • As research is involved in this assignment, you are expected to use at least 6 reliable references (journal articles, media articles, etc. which can be sourced from the JCU online library).
  • The references must be in APA style.

Reflection Assignment Topic:

  • In a crisis situation like the COVID-19 pandemic, what implications does this have for HR managers in the home country in applying a strategic view of IHRM with regards to their subsidiaries in the host countries?
  • For example, how has the HR function been substantially influenced by the changing external environment?
  • How would HQ manage their staffing issues and concerns in their subsidiaries overseas (recommendations)?
  • Where relevant, use an example of an MNC to illustrate your discussion.

Relevant Slides from Lecture 1 Strategic View of IHRM

  • Assumes that MNEs operate in the context of worldwide conditions, including influences of industry (global or multi- domestic) & regional, national & local markets that include geopolitical, legal, socio-cultural & economic characteristics (PESTLE) – macro environment
  • These external factors have a direct influence on both internal/org factors & strategic HRM strategy & practices & have a direct influence on MNE performance

Relevant Slides from Lecture 1: Strategic View of IHRM

u Relevant Slides from Lecture 3: Strategic View of IHRM

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