Alif’s Interview at ZeeMart Sdn Bhd
Alif was feeling pleased with himself as he had called to attend an interview for the vacant postof Marketing Officer in ZeeMart Sdn Bhd. He had put on his new blue shirt and colourful tiewhich he had bought especially for the interview. According to the company?s letter, hisinterview was to start at 10.00 am but when he arrived at 9.45 am, he found there were 10 othercandidates waiting to be interviewed. The receptionist told him to take a seat and apologized forthe delay. His interview was scheduled for 12.00 noon.
At 12.15pm, he was called into interview room where he found himself faced three stern-looking interviewers. The man in middle said, “Are you Alif Hamzah bin Anuar?” He confirmed
the information. These were some confusion while the other two interviewers looked throughsome papers, exchanged files and whispered together. Alif stood patiently. Eventually, the manon the right said, “Don?t you want to sit down? We can?t interview you while you are standing,you know!” Alif immediately sat on the seat facing the interview panel and said, “I would like tothank you for calling me for this interview. I would be pleased to explain why I think I cancontribute to your company as a Marketing Officer.” Upon which, one of the interviewers said, “Young man, just answer our questions, please. Why are you wearing such a colourful tie? Don?tyou think it is important to dress conservatively in the office? “Before Alif had a chance torespond, the interviewer seated in the middle asked, “What do you think of our company?sproduct?”Alif?s heart sank. This was not what he had expected at all. He began to regret havingapplied to this company for a job.
Case Questions
1. Identify the mistakes made by the interview in the case.
2. What might Ali decide to do next?
3. How might the interview process be improved?

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