Most Current APA Format, Double space, 12 Arial Fonts, Keywords 1
time in
Blue color. 1500 word or Min 5.5 detailed pages excluding 1
st Cover page, 2
page (Abstract), and Last pages of References
Scenarios – You are a business analyst for Unilever UK, a publicly-traded
company in London England. Your team is working with stakeholders
regarding options for expansion. The company must decide on at least
two possible countries for expansion based on specific criteria. Your job
is to present a report to identify the following:
1. Identify the countries where this company is currently operating:
Unilever plc is a British multinational consumer goods company with headquarters in
London. Unilever products include food, condiments, ice cream, cleaning agents, beauty
products, and personal care. Unilever is the largest producer of soap in the world and its
products are available in around 190 countries
Identify and then analyze at least two possible countries for expansion
based on specific criteria, such as: Vietnam and Australia
Officially established in Vietnam since 1995, Unilever Vietnam has become one of the
most successful businesses in the FMCG industry in Vietnam with positive
contributions to the sustainable socio-economic development of the country for over 25
Unilever Australia Group Pty Ltd is a foreign owned proprietary company that derives
revenue from the manufacture and sale of home care, personal care and food products.
The company has approximately 1,790 employees and operates throughout Australia
from its headquarters in Sydney.
¦ Formal and informal institutions in those countries
¦ International trade and trade barriers
¦ Whether FDI is attractive or unattractive
Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) is an economic term used to
describe when companies from abroad (“international companies”)
build facilities, purchase equipment, hire workers and create
products and services in the United States.
¦ Foreign exchange opportunities/issues
¦ Whether regional integration is present and how this
may impact expansion
¦ Possible modes of entry with recommendations
¦ Discuss marketing/HR items of note to successfully
operate in the new country

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