Your written responses will answer the following questions: 1. Identify, explain and discuss the different tactics of abuse and warning signs using: • Discuss the “Power and Control Wheel” (Weeks 1 & 2) and cycle of abuse in relation to the video case study, citing three (3) examples/scenarios. • Define coercive control and describe the harm it causes according to Stark (2012). What does the abuser seek? Discuss the main concepts in the readings (e.g. Stark 2012). Cite three (3) examples from the video case study. 2. Describe the concept of “gender-based violence” as portrayed in the video case study: • Discuss the drivers of “gender-based violence”, citing materials from Weeks 2 and 3. Cite three (3) examples from the video case study to illustrate your key points. 3. Describe the importance of an intersectional lens: • Using the readings from Weeks 4-6, explain the importance of intersectionality in understanding the experience of family violence in relation to: • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women • Women with a disability • Women from refugee and migrant backgrounds • LGBTIQ+ people Assessment Criteria – Task 1 1. Knowledge of the tactics, types, drivers and dynamics of intimate partner violence 2. Knowledge of the impacts of gendered violence 3. Effective use of the set and recommended literature for this unit 4. Clarity of expression, structure, accurate referencing using APA (7th edition) conventions. How to do well in Assessment Task 1 • Attend all lectures and complete the set readings. Ensure that you demonstrate your engagement with readings and resources provided during Weeks 1-6. • Actively participate in class discussions • Allow time to watch the documentary and draft, edit and proofread your critique • You must reference texts using APA 7th referencing style.

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