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Course: BSB80120 Graduate Diploma of Management
Unit Code and Name: BSBSTR801 Lead innovative thinking and practice
Trainer/Assessor: TBA
Assessment item: #1- Knowledge Questions
Due date: Week 2 (Extension requires prior approval from your assessor)
Context and Purpose of the assessment:
This assessment will assess your skills and knowledge in the ‘BSBSTR801 Lead innovative thinking and practice’ unit. The following table maps the assessment activity against elements of performance criteria:

Question items Performance Criteria
Q1-Q10 1.1 Identify and analyse trends shaping organisation’s current and future thinking and practice
1.2 Identify and use techniques and tools to generate ideas and facilitate thinking
1.3 Introduce and promote creative thinking techniques
1.4 Research and analyse relevant conditions for innovation and issues that impact innovative thinking and creativity
1.5 Research and review innovation drivers and enablers
2.1 Assess personal leadership style to confirm it models positive innovative thinking and practice
2.2 Review and refine practice that models and supports innovation
  • The assessment tasks for the unit assume that you will work in the Business Services industry. Case studies/ exercises used in this assessment reflect a workplace scenario.
  • The student must have access to a Computer, Printer for doing the assessment for this unit. Attempt all the questions. If you are not sure about any aspect of this assessment, please ask for clarification from your assessor. If the assessment is not satisfactory, the trainer will allow one more attempt to the assessment item.
  • The responses to assessment questions should be in your own words and examples from workplace should be used wherever possible.

Short answer questions (explain with examples wherever possible)
Question 1
Compare and contrast current and past theories and thoughts on innovation.
In past the main focus of innovation is upon the enhancing the operation and profit of business, for example identification of strategy, creation of new products in establishing new method for making the organization more effective and efficient to the cost. This time the thinking and innovation were considered in flexible as the true element is not provided. The main focus of thinking and innovation is upon the making of the flexible type of working environment. With the help of this the organization can be made more effective but it also consists of various merits (Wisdom, et al., 2014).
In the past more preference was on scientific innovation only but it has changed over time; now innovation can be applied almost everywhere in the business or GOVT.
Question 2
Explain how theories on innovation and creativity can contribute to applied business practice.
The major role is being played by creativity and innovation theory in the implemented practices. With the help of this the idea is being evaluated upon the implementation of creativity and innovation in the working place. The preparation should be made for creativity and innovation, if the theory can be understood in a better way. It is also considered helpful for fostering the creativity and innovation in the workplace (Anderson, et al., 2014).
Question 3
Explain the impact of leadership style on innovation in organisation. Explain at least two specific approaches that may encourage or inhibit innovation.
Authoritarian Leader- The clear picture is provided toAuthoritarian Leaderabout how the process can take place. The clear difference should also be evaluated within the follower and leader. The decision can be made by Authoritarian Leader by obtaining fewer information from the group. The two approaches are as follows-
Democratic leader- It is considered as the effective type of leadership style which is also called participative leader. The encouragement and guidance are been provided to the members of the team and the involvement is also done in group.
Delegative leader- it is considered as the productive style which is being used in the lesser manner. More demand has been constituted by the workers who come under this type of category.
Question 4
Explain how creative thinking can be applied to solve current industry issues.
The CPS is being considered as a type of way to which the problems can be solved and the personalities can be identified when the failure has been faced of the conventional thinking. It is considered helpful for finding out the fresh come up and prospective in which innovative solutions are involved, so that the plan can be formulated easily for overcoming the obstacles and achieving the goals.
please provide examples
Question 5
Analyse the internal and external conditions or factors that impact on organisational innovation.

  • The organization’s culture where Innovation and creativity takes place.
  • The environment which includes electronic and non-physical equipment
  • The Global, local, regional and national environment.
  • The work group and community.

Question 6
Outline strategies for identifying, assessing and managing risks associated with innovation.
The SWOT analysis is considered as a type of useful strategy for accessing identifying and managing the problems and risk whose connection is being done. It also include weakness, strength, threat and opportunities of the selected thing. It can also be the present organization situation. With the help of these company can be made more efficient. The limitation of fault considered as a weakness which takes place in company through which the purpose or goal can be prevented. The identification of risk is being done in which the evaluation has to be done for checking that potential effect is included whose impact is done upon the organization. The risk can be evaluated by the matrix of risk assessment (Chaudoir, et al., 2013).
Question 7
Provide at least two examples of innovation drivers in an organisation.
The two examples are as follows-
Supervisor- the delegated duties have been accomplished, understanding the obligations and rights of the signs of customer watch.
Store manager- execution, development reviewing and maintenance of the accurate system, policies and procedures.
Question 8
Provide at least two examples of innovation enablers in an organisation.
The two innovation enablers are as follows-

  • Skilled work force
  • Intellectual property

Question 9
Explain how a right workplace culture can support innovation in an organisation.
The culture of organization through which innovation is being supported is considered as the two-thing product, the organization people as in the style of leadership, behavior, shared value, communication style and attitude, it also include the infrastructure such as system and policy (Han, et al., 2014).
Question 10
Discuss the common challenges and barriers to innovation within anorganizational setting and outline the ways of overcome these challenges and barriers.
The challenges and behaviour are as follows-

  • Health problems and occupational safety
  • Issues of environment
  • Property or equipment damage.

The approaches are as follows-

  • People should be included in the change
  • Empowering the middle managers
  • Rewarding the innovation (Lüttgens, et al., 2014).

Anderson, N., Potocnik, K., & Zhou, J. (2014). Innovation and creativity in organizations: A state-of-the-science review, prospective commentary, and guiding framework.Journal of management,40(5), 1297-1333.
Chaudoir, S. R., Dugan, A. G., & Barr, C. H. (2013). Measuring factors affecting implementation of health innovations: a systematic review of structural, organizational, provider, patient, and innovation level measures.Implementation science,8(1), 1-20.
Han, T. S., Chiang, H. H., & Chang, A. (2014). Employee participation in decision making, psychological ownership and knowledge sharing: mediating role of organizational commitment in Taiwanese high-tech organizations. InConfucian HRM in Greater China(pp. 174-189). Routledge.
Lüttgens, D., Pollok, P., Antons, D., &Piller, F. (2014). Wisdom of the crowd and capabilities of a few: internal success factors of crowdsourcing for innovation.Journal of Business Economics,84(3), 339-374.
Wisdom, J. P., Chor, K. H. B., Hoagwood, K. E., & Horwitz, S. M. (2014). Innovation adoption: a review of theories and constructs.Administration and Policy in Mental Health and Mental Health Services Research,41(4), 480-502.
************End of Assessment 1**********

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