Advika Kapoor is a 70 year old widow who loves to cook her native Indian food for her neighbours. Advika immigrated to Canada from India at the age of 45. Upon arrival in Canada, her husband suffered a severe heart attack and died later that same year. Advika has never remarried and does not have children. Advika earned her PhD in Biomedical Engineering in India. Unfortunately, her degree is not recognized in Canada and so Advika made her living as an assistant health care worker in a long-term care facility for the elderly. Advika struggles with the language and feels most comfortable around a small group of friends also from India who met at the Calgary Immigrant Women’s Association. She lives in a small one bedroom apartment. Since Advika’s knee surgery she has considered moving as the stairs are now difficult for her to manage. Her monthly income is $850.00 ($800.00 from CPP/OAS/ALW and $50.00 from savings), leaving her with $0.00 after expenses. base on this scenario answer the following questions

1.Describe the social network life event

. 2.How will the change in social network impact your everyday life? How might it affect you in later life?

3.How will you respond to this life event?

4.What factors from your case scenario may influence how this event affects your everyday life and later life? Why?

5.Why are social networks important in later life?

6.What are some of the ways that you can cope with this event?

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