“Health research shows that 33 percent of Canadians between the ages of 20 and 64 are overweight.15 Long-term health risks could be reduced if overweight employees shed their excess weight. As a sales representative for Fitness Associates (FA), you think your fitness equipment and programs could be instrumental in helping people lose weight. With regular exercise at an on-site fitness centre, employees lose weight and improve overall health. As employee health improves, absenteeism is reduced and overall productivity increases. And employees love working out before or after work. They make the routine part of their workday, and they often have work buddies who share their fitness regimen. Though many companies resist spending money to save money, fitness centres need not be large or expensive to be effective. Studies show that moderately sized centres coupled with motivational and training programs yield the greatest success. For just $30,000, Fitness Associates will provide exercise equipment including stationary bikes, weight machines, and treadmills. Their fitness experts will design a fitness room, set up the fitness equipment, and design appropriate programs. Best of all, the one-time cost is usually offset by cost savings within one year of centre installation. For additional fees, FA can also provide fitness consultants for employee fitness assessments. FA specialists will also train employees on proper use of the equipment, and they will clean and manage the facility—for an extra charge, of course.”


“Write a sales letter to Ms. Kathleen Stewart, human resources VP, Good Times Brewing Company, 3939 Brewery Row, Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan S6H 0V9, kstewart@gtbc. ca. Assume you are writing on company letterhead. Ask for an appointment to meet with her. Send her a brochure detailing the products and services that Fitness Associates provides. As an incentive, offer a free fitness assessment for all employees if Good Times Brewing installs a fitness facility by December 1.”

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