Glendra Blending is a whisky blending company located in the picturesque town of Glendra, in the heart of the Scottish Highlands. The newly appointed finance director of Glendra Blending had begun to realize that production and blending decisions were simply based on intuition and past experience. The company produces two types of blended whisky: Famous Goose and Tutors. These whiskies are made by blending one malt whisky, Argyle, and two grain whiskies, Bull and Crude.
In order to produce blended whisky of a consistently high quality, Glendra Blending put an emphasis on two factors: taste and aroma. For the Famous Goose blend, the taste index must be at least 12 and the aroma index at least 12. For the Tutors blend, the taste index must be at least 11 and the aroma index at least 11. The company’s testing experts have provided the following information about the indices for the three ingredient whiskies and have agreed that taste and aroma of a blended whisky is indeed a linear combination of its constituents:

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