Franco has experienced mood swings for several years and knows they are more extreme than most people have. He puts it down to something in his personality. Over time, he learns to conceal his more serious episodes of depression and tries to manage the highs by going for a long run or drinking excessively. Some of his friends sometimes make comments to him about his manic behaviour, but he just laughs it off.

He finally realises he has a real problem when he can feel himself getting more and more out of control. Franco sees a professional and eventually receives a diagnosis of bipolar disorder. He is surprised but also relieved. At last, he knows what is going on and can get medication and help to manage his extreme moods.

Franco meets his support worker, James, and at their first meeting together, James explains to Franco his rights in terms of his mental illness. Franco enjoys his job as an accountant and has always performed well in his role, despite his undiagnosed mental illness. James assists Franco to self-advocate for flexible working arrangements from his employer so that Franco can continue working in his job on a part-time basis. Franco believes that this will greatly assist him in his care and recovery. Franco’s employer denies his request and tells him that he either continues in the role on a full-time basis or finds a job elsewhere.

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