For this assignment you should create 100 random processes numbered from P1 : : : P100 Then createrandom arrival times and burst times for each of these processes. All the arrival and burst timeshould be random times. After creating processes with the arrival and burst times calculate thefollowing1. Average wait time for each of the processes2. Average turnaround time for each of the processesYou must use the following algorithms to calculate the above1. First Come First Served2. Shortest JOb First with and without pre-emption.3. Round Robin for dierent time quantums varying from 1 to 3 ms.You must a programming language to do the simulator. Programming language may be Python,Java, C++ or C#.
3. To hand in?
Run the simulator for several times about 10 times for each of the algorithm. create a tableand graphs for the average wait time, turn around time for dierent algorithms.
? Create a report and graphs showing all the outputs tabulated and comment on the graph. UseR software to create graphs. Excel is not acceptable.

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